Zastrow's    Strawberries

W2364 Cty Rd Y, Mayville, WI 53050

Phone 920-387-3696

For your convenience the price remains constant throughout the entire season. We accept cash and checks. We also are certified to accept WIC and Senior checks.


We are not set up to accept credit/debit. Kwik Trip has 2 Locations in Mayville with ATM machines. Mayville is about 1 mile away. 


                            Prices for the 2017 Season will be posted later.
U-Pic Strawberries are sold by the pound. Price for U-Pic is $    per pound. We provide the containers to pick into. The weight of the container is automatically deducted when your strawberries are weighed at check out. The container you pick into is called a 6 quart tray and holds about 10 or 12 pounds. 

Ready-Picked Strawberries are less work for you, but the cost is more because we have to pay someone to pick them. Price is $    a pound. Flats are sold by the pound, with an 8 pound minimum. 

We also have Ready-Picked Strawberries by the Quart for sale. $    a Quart

We will take orders 1 day in advance when Ready-Picked Strawberries become available.