Zastrow's    Strawberries

W2364 Cty Rd Y, Mayville, WI 53050

Phone 920-387-3696


We are starting to prepare for

the 2015 Strawberry Picking Season.

Sometime during the first 2 weeks of 

April we will remove the winter mulch covering.

The wheat straw is raked between the plant rows.

This holds the moisture in and keeps weeds out.

Also gives a nice clean path for the pickers.


We also will be planting more Strawberry plants

for next years picking.

Strawberry picking usually starts early to mid June.

Check back for updates.


 We Will Update This Site and Phone As Necessary  
Just a reminder, NO pets are allowed on the grounds.
If you must bring a pet, please plan on keeping it in your vehicle. Thank you.




This site gets priority update


 We provide the picking container free of charge.